Golf Game Analysis for 2016

What a year I had! In March I switched to a 4-day work week and started playing twice a week! Good move! I had my best golf year in a long time! I also continued on a fitness regime until the end of August and being in better shape certainly contributed to my on course success! The biggest disappointment was in rounds played. I was only able to get out 38 times – down from previous years by at least 4 games. Was unable to complete 3 games this year, twice due to injury and once when the weather just wouldn’t allow us to continue. Certainly my two biggest breaks in the action were the month of February (injured rib) and the months of October, November and December where work commitments and weather conspired to keep me off the golf course. 

I also switched out my driver. Put away the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha and got acquainted with the Callaway XR 16 Pro! I was so much more confident hitting driver this year! 9 Degree adjusted up to 10 with a regular stock shaft.

So let’s dig in to the stats:

Rounds   75 or better           23       65.7%

Rounds 76 – 79                        11       31.3%

Rounds 80+                                   1         3%

What a surprise this was! Only 1 game in the 80’s and it was an 81. On days when I didn’t make any birdies, I still managed to keep it in the 70’s. I broke par twice and was even twice, but unfortunately did not break 70 yet again. I know a score in the 60’s is waiting for me, 2017 looms!

My best streak was over 4 games in early May. Was an accumulated +2 over 4 rounds and +4 over 5 rounds. April and May provided the best stretch accumulated +24 over 13 rounds.  My handicap in that stretch got down to a solid 1.5 while I ended the year at 1.9. Good results all around.

Fairways Hit               9.6  68.6%     High 13          Low 6

GIR                                10.4  57.8%    High 15          Low 5

Putts                                  31                   High 35          Low 27

Ft of Putts Made        58.6                High 97          Low 27

Up and Ins                     53.5%             High 9/13      Low 1/5, 0/3

Birdies                             66

Eagles                                 3

One of the biggest changes for me is connected to my bad thumbs. I know they will be sore during and after the round. I have found a decent amount of painkiller / medication that works to at least knock the pain down. I have found the correct braces for my CMC joints and wear gloves on both hands to keep the braces in place. Solid contact with the ball is always my goal and I attain that with most swings. I don’t have an awful lot of feel for the short game these days. I simply go to the course with no expectations. Depending on how bad my hands are, I know that I will hit some good chip shots and I will play some poor ones. The left hand low putting grip has yielded a much more consistent stroke, getting the ball started on the line I choose. What I really need to work on is slowing down my routine just a little on reading greens so that I pick the correct line more often. Even though I didn’t 3-putt very much this year, I didn’t make too many putts inside of 20 feet either.  

This was definitely a more solid year overall! Excited to tee it up as soon as I can – trust that will be January!