2016 V 2015 Comparison

Fairways         9.6 – 9    68.6% - 64.3%

My decision to switch drivers early in April really lead to a rise in confidence and subsequent better results on getting my tee shots into play!

GIR                  10.4 – 9.5      57.8% - 51.1%

When reviewing last year’s analysis, this was the area of my game that needed the most work. Consciously, I made my pre-shot routine much more consistent. When I didn’t perform it the same, I could pin point the bad swings / shots in every round. When I was preoccupied with hitting the ball a certain way, I completely forgot about just swinging the club. Those results were really evident. Well, greens hit coupled with fairways hit indicated a much stronger ball-striking year than I can remember in a long while!

Putts per round        31 – 29

This statistic rose versus last year, I attribute it to 2 things. First, I hit more greens this year. I’m pretty sure my proximity number went much higher, as I know I didn’t hit it close to the hole on every extra GIR I had. Second, my hands were not allowing me to have as much feel. This is one area which I will just have to accept that I will feel good some days and hurt on others. I will vow to spend a little more time on the greens with reading. I have a consistent enough stroke getting the ball on the line I choose, I just don’t seem to be choosing the correct line often enough.

Feet of putts made    58.6 – 52.6

Really happy about this statistic! I know I made my fair share of longer par putts this year and that added to the overall average. I also know that on days when my hands are really sore, I get my lowest totals – like 27 feet of putts made. That is truly frustrating as every hole is a 1 or 2 footer to finish up. That day I shot 76 at Fraserview with 1 birdie and 1 eagle, hitting 13 greens and having 35 putts.

Up and Ins.                53.5%  v ??

This stat is all about how my hands feel and I am quite surprised I still get it up and in over 50% of the time. Short game is still pretty good despite the deterioration of my thumbs. Unsure of how I calculated this one last year so I now have a base line moving forward.

Rounds 75 or better                  65.7% – 50%

Rounds 76 – 79                            31.3% – 34%

Rounds 80 +                                         3% – 16%

So excited by this group of numbers. I played so much more consistently this year. Even when I felt I was playing miserably, I tried on each shot and persevered through the bad stretches to record a score. This was much easier to do in April/May /June when I was playing more frequently.

Almost two-thirds of my rounds were 75 or better, up from 50% last year! Speaks volumes to me. I attribute a lot of this success to how much I was teaching/coaching people in the hitting cage at the store. I saw so many different swings and there were very evident similar tendencies for the most part. Inconsistent or non-existent weight transfer is pretty much everybody’s issue. Talking about it and demonstrating it certainly made me think about the basics much more. Grip, stance, aim, ball position and posture, pretty much do it for me!

I was really able to practice what I preach and focus on weight transfer, high finish and simply “swinging” to achieve my results this year!