1 Hour Practice Session

This should take an hour with a bucket of approximately 60 balls.

  1. Stretch!! Make sure you are giving yourself the best opportunity to get the most out of your practice (10 - 15 minutes)
  2. Set your goals for the session. I usually only work on 1 or 2 things each session. My last practice work centred around my takeaway and hitting my finish with a higher follow through. If you are working on alignment or direction, get your alignment sticks out.
  3. I have a pre-shot routine and I start that immediately. Standing behind the ball, I use mental imagery to picture the shot I'm about to hit. Breathe deep. Step into my stance. Concentrate on my rhythm and takeaway. Swing (don't HIT). Then hit my finish!
  4. Depending on your session goals, pick a club to swing that will start to get you there. I NEVER pick up my driver first. Many sessions I don't hit a driver at all! Start with your scoring clubs and make the necessary swings to have consistency and solid contact. This may mean 1/2 or 3/4 swings to find your rhythm first. Concentrate on breathing and targets.
  5. Move through your bag, shortest to longest. I try not to hit more than 5 balls with each club, but I do not finish with a club without hitting the last ball solidly, the way I intended to.
  6. Sometimes, depending on my session goals, I will use the last few balls to play a practice hole (either the first hole of my next round, or the most difficult hole on the next course I visit). I only have a couple of balls left, so no mulligans here. I get focused and try to put into the next couple of swings what I've been working on for the past hour.

Practice session goals are usually different for each session. One day, it might be about getting my legs more involved in my downswing. Another might be about really accelerating through to my finish. One session may be just about my short game and taking my balls to the practice green and using different clubs on all shots around the green - true scoring shots! 

I will NEVER go practice with the sole intent of beating 3 buckets of balls with my driver!! NEVER!!

Go practice with purpose and you will be rewarded!