There are many ways to go about teaching golf!

I tend to go at it in a more organic way.  You bring me your swing and we build on it piece by piece.

The other sports you play allows me to make analogies as to how those familiar actions translate into your golf swing.

If you want to copy someone else's swing, I can do that as well, it will simply be a much longer process.

2022 CoVid 19 Lesson Procedure

I have curtailed all in-person teaching activity until further notice. CoVid is not going away, unfortunately and I will not put myself or anyone else at risk of getting or transmitting Omicron! 

I am prepared to entertain you if you send me videos of your swing and grip. Text me: 7788666444 or email me:

I will do a swing analysis, send you my thoughts and suggestions and then we can figure it out from there.