30 Minute Warm-Up 

It is essential to stretch and breathe before practice or play so that's where we begin. This allows your body to loosen up and your mind to clear so that you can concentrate on your game rather than the other pressures in your life.

Do the kind of stretches that increase flexibility and range of motion necessary to positively contribute to your golf swing. I start with a full squat with my feet flat on the ground. I take deep breaths in this position in order to fill my back and let oxygen get to the muscles I want to loosen up. I do straight and bent leg waist bends so that my hands touch the ground. I stretch out my hamstrings and thighs. I do side stretches to continue to loosen up my back. I do trunk rotations standing straight up holding a club with arms extended horizontal to the ground. I either hold the club like a baseball bat or hold it vertical to get my wrists involved. I do many of these going further to the left and right every time until I have full hip and shoulder rotation. Then I drop down into my golf swing posture and start to swing continuously for a couple minutes. I do some arm circles both forward and backward. Then I do some more waist bends and just go through all the motions to see if anything is still tight and needs more attention.

I HAVEN'T EVEN SWUNG AT A BALL YET!! This probably takes me 10 minutes. It is well worth it.

Now I'm ready to see what swing I've brought to the golf course this day! I start with my 4 iron. I like to develop an early rhythm so I swing through as many 4 irons as it takes for me to hit 2 solid shots in a row. If I've warmed up properly, this sometimes only takes me 2 swings!

I then move through my bag, though not every club. Remember your pre-shot routine and breathe deep. PW, 7i, Hybrid, 3 Fwy, Driver. I hit 3 - 5 balls with each club I'm warming up with. Then I finish up with my 56 degree scoring wedge. This should get you through a warm-up bucket 25 - 30 balls and take about 30 minutes, stretching included. This routine will take longer if you need to stretch more thoroughly.

I would recommend that you then head quickly to the putting green and at least do the drill where you stroke a couple of putts with your normal stroke in a couple directions (with and against the grain)  to find out how many paces your putts travel on these greens. Then you can at least guage how far your putts will travel when you have similar distances out on the golf course.

If you have done a decent warm-up, you should have every confidence your first hole will reward you. It is so nice to get off to a par or birdie start rather than getting your first par 4 or 5 holes in because you got to the golf course cold and teed it up still putting your shoes on as you got to the first tee!

ALSO - I only use my phone for taking pictures! If you are unable to put your phone away during your game, you are letting outside forces influence your game (and likely only in a negative manner). I appreciate there are some time sensitive things going on in your life. But unless you are willing to walk off the course during your round to attend to matters, these same issues will be waiting for you once you have finished your round! PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!